My name is Elizabeth Stayer (a surprise, I know).

I have been shooting photos for about 12 years and digitally retouching photos for about 6 years. I began learning on my father's Canon AE-1 Program. It remains my favorite 35mm SLR. I've since upgraded a few times, and the camera I use today is a Canon 60D.

The first couple of years that I really started focusing on photography was when I was shooting every other day with a few friends (which you can see in my 2010, 2011 photo galleries). As I evolved, I began picking up more commercial styles of photography. Clients are now my main focus as a photographer. I love sharing my creativity with others. I feed off my clients, and I take the suggestions of my clients. I aim to please. :)

Thank you for visiting my site. Please come back often for updates and new photos/blogs.